Our Vission & Mission

Our vision is to create a citizen friendly environment that would facilitate voluntary compliance towards payment of taxes. This would in turn generate revenue for the government which would help the government in achieving its development plan and help India in becoming a business friendly, investor attractive and a leading nation in every aspect in the world.

Thus, our Mission is:
  1. Increasing voluntary compliance among taxpayers
  2. Efficient, fair and Transparent tax administration
  3. Adjudication of disputes in a fast yet efficient manner
  4. Creation of a business friendly environment
  5. Combating tax evasion and commercial frauds
  6. Facilitation of trade process and economic policies thus adding to the ease of doing business in the country.

We are committed to:
  1. Selflessness: We will hold the public office solely for public interest.
  2. Integrity: We will showcase utmost integrity in our official duties.
  3. Objectivity: Merit will be the only criteria in carrying out the public business.
  4. Accountability: We will be accountable for our decisions and actions to the public.
  5. Leadership: We will promote a principle of leadership not only in the area of tax administration but also in are of general administration and would focus on the concept of 'leading by example'.
  6. Openness: We would suo-motto disclose all the information that is for public interest and thus would adhere to the principle of 'Right to Information'.
  7. Grievance redressal: We would be sensitive to the grievances of the public and work towards their fast and lawful disposal.
  8. Swachh Bharat: We would implement the principle of Swachhta not only in terms of our office premise but also in terms of our thoughts, opinions and actions.

Thus we at Central Goods and Service Tax, Nagpur Zone seek to play an active role in enforcing rule of law, maintaining strict yet transparent tax administration and creation of a two-way communication platform between the citizens and the department.